Contemporary Instructions is a project by TÅHUME that aspires to encourage people in living an everyday more associated and populated by art. Tracing its references back to endeavors such as Fluxus, instruction art, mail art, conceptual art, bringing it to a contemporary context. We attempt to recruit those forms, that were once used in a somewhat more sarcastic way and to employ them as an actual medium, an immediate and inclusive way of practicing art that also questions certain aspects of authorship.

  A set of instructions on how to make an artwork is sent to subscribers, in digital form. The relations, associations, connotations and aesthetic of the actions we do, as a means of combatting oppression, reinventing routine and rendering it more bearable. 

  The instructions’ form is influenced by certain modernist traditions such as the book Tender Buttons by Gertrude Stein and this decision was made in order for the instructions to be as non-discriminatory and pluralistic as possible.

  These instructions are meant to exist as text-based artworks but we also sent them as an invitation for people to follow them, and if they feel like it, to record themselves and send us the videos. The people we want to address are non-artists and artists alike, even though we don’t believe this generally to be a very appropriate and valid distinction.

We are interested in drawing a more blurry and playful line between artist and audience, sender and recipient.

  Physical posters are also available for those that would like to contribute the initiative and earnings will be donated to support art workers in Greece. We are interested in promoting the human connection and having instruction art diffused and applied throughout society, as it feels increasingly relevant and urgent in this times of doubt.

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the earnings will be donated to support art workers in Greece



If you follow the instructions and want to be featured on our website, document yourself and send us your video